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Program 1, 2 and 3 Domestic Home Study Process

If you live in Indiana, you must have a home study performed as part of your adoption process. After attending our seminar, you can call to book an Entrance Interview. If we mutually agree you and ASC are a good fit, you can begin the Home Study process. You will meet most of our staff members during the process…this is intentional. We want you to bond with several staff members so you don’t feel your hopes and dreams are wrapped up in one important person. If you live outside Indiana, you must have your home study done by a licensed agency in your state and send to us before you can work with us, and then you must still participate in the Entrance and Office Interviews and attend our Home Study Class. If you are reactivating, we cannot use your previous ID, Home Study, or paperwork.

Domestic Home Study Steps

  1. Preparation: When you book your adoption home study, you will be mailed a registration packet.
  2. Home Study Class: The Home Study Class meets the second Friday of each month from 9-5. If you will be a first-time parent, you will be required to attend our Ready the Nest class afterwards.
  3. Home Visit: This is an approximately two-hour meeting in your home for Indiana families. It is a scheduled appointment with both husband and wife, not a surprise visit.
  4. Office Interview: A two-hour interview takes place at our agency. We review your entire Home Study process and experience to make sure you have no questions before you activate.
  5. Home Study Follow-up: Indiana families will have a home visit as part of the follow-up process. 

ASC Also Offers “Kid Counseling”

For an additional hourly fee, the Adoption Support Center also offers one-hour weekly or biweekly counseling sessions for adoptees and their families. In our calm, nurturing environment, this counseling might include play therapy, behavioral therapy, adoption-related therapy, bonding and attachment therapy and individual and family therapy. Counseling is provided by Diane Stiles, LCSW, Clinical Director at ASC and adoptive parent.


For more information, please call ASC or visit our Kid Counseling page.

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