Home Studies

All adoptions require a check of the hopeful adoptive family to make certain the home is safe and the adoptive parents are parents are indeed ready to become parents. This process is called a home study. Our home studies are non-invasive, educational, and accepted throughout Indiana. They can be completed quickly if there is an urgent need, such as a quick placement. We offer two types of home studies. 

The ASC Gold and ASC Blue home studies are the foundation of both programs. Because we stress the relationships involved in adoption, this is an educational process that allows the family to get to know ASC and for ASC to know the family. 

The Home Study Process is as Follows:

Preparation: When you let us know you are signing on for either ASC Gold or ASC Blue, we will send you our registration packet. This is a lot of paperwork, and it can be overwhelming. Keep in mind that all of this is either required by the State of Indiana or will be used to help in your marketing efforts.

Packed with information regarding the latest trends in adoption, this class is held on the second Friday of the month. It lasts from 9:00 to 3:00 in the back building of ASC.    Families have the opportunity to hear from a successful adoptive family and a birth mother. You also have the opportunity to know that you are not alone.

This in-home visit is scheduled in advance and last approximately two hours. Typically, the visit will be done by one of our master’s level social workers. Both adoptive parents must be present, as well as any children over the age of 10. This is a great opportunity to tell the story of what brings you to adoption and your dreams for a child.

This is the last meeting before you are officially active. At this meeting you will have the opportunity to speak privately about your fears, concerns, apprehensions or excitement before being presented to expectant moms. ASC Blue families are encouraged to not begin their advertising efforts until this step of the home study is complete

On Going Curriculum and Education: Monthly topics for discussion are provided to families to help further their understanding of the life long journey of adoption. In addition to being helpful information, it’s an opportunity for families to stay connected to ASC staff. 

Post Placement Class: This is an open forum that provides you the opportunity to take a deep breath and soak in the reality that you are now parents. Bring your baby and share your story. Learn how to incorporate your child’s birth family into your lives and be confident adoptive parents. 

Post-Placement Visit: Before your adoption can be finalized in court, one of the Center’s social workers will visit with you in your home to make certain the baby is doing well and that you are truly becoming a family. This visit happens after you have been home with your baby for approximately two months. Both parents and the baby are a part of this visit. Bragging is encouraged! 

Preparation: After contacting ASC and identifying yourself as a Home Study Only family, you will receive the registration packet to complete. Enclosed checklists help you keep the process moving by identifying what is needed to be completed at what point

Home Visit: This two-hour scheduled visit is completed by one of the Center’s master’s level social workers. Your backgrounds, relationship and parenting styles are discussed, and a home safety inspection is completed. Both adoptive parents and any children over the age of 10 must be present for the visit. 

Post Placement Visit: After you have been home from the hospital approximately two months, a Center social worker will visit to make certain parents and baby are doing well. Indiana requires one post placement visit before the adoption can be finalized in court. Please note that if your child was born in a different state, additional visits may be required in accordance with the laws of that state. 

Do you need a Home Study but no support services, ASC can do that!

ASC Home Study Only: Since less is required to create a relationship between the adopting family and the Center, the process can move much more quickly. Adoptive families expecting an immediate placement can expedite the process for an additional fee.

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