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Adoption Support Center, where new families are born
Welcome to The Adoption Support Center
Birth Mothers...
This is a safe, friendly place where you can talk honestly about anything you are facing. Whether you were hoping for a temporary solution like foster care, or the more permanent solution of adoption, we can be your place to start asking questions to discover what your options really are with no obligation. Many birth moms tell us they need a fresh start. You can find it here with the friendly women at The Adoption Support Center.
There is no obligation if you check us out. As you consider adoption, know there are wonderful families ready to embrace you and your story, whatever it is. There is no need to be afraid you will be judged. There is a wonderful family waiting for every baby.
Here at Adoption Support Center you can be in control of your adoption plan...
  • Who you choose as adoptive parents
  • What you want in communication and sharing
  • When and the frequency you meet with your coordinator and adoptive family
  • Where you deliver, where you live
  • How you survive
Go to our Get To Know Us section to meet our helpful staff and see the friendly faces that will answer the phone! Then call any time, any day, to ask about:
  • Free adoption coordination and support, 24 hours/day with the women you see on our website
  • Our Featured Families section for potential parents, where you can read about real families and how you can meet them
  • How you can receive living expenses that can help you during this vulnerable time
  • How you can choose a safe and happy home for your baby or toddler
  • Your choices in an open or closed adoption, or something in-between
  • How you can choose the relationship you want with your family. Receive pictures and letters, do visits after your adoption, or have an open adoption.
Most importantly, find out how you can find comfort with our local, caring staff with NO obligation. Call us. Or, text us. A friendly voice can be a phone call away.
Adoptive Families...
Our guiding philosophy at the Adoption Support Center is that you will get the child you are meant to raise. Whether it is connecting you with a respected international adoption agency or the birth mother relationship of your dreams, we can help you finally create your family. This is a place filled with optimism, energy and hope. Here you can:
  • Research domestic adoption, international adoption, private and agency adoption
  • Research infertility options
  • Arrange for a domestic or international home study from the largest provider in Indiana
  • Attend an information seminar that neutrally explores all your adoption alternatives.
Click onto the Adoptive Parents section for more information on our adoption plans and financing options.
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