What’s Next?

Exploring the adoption option

If this is not the right time for parenting, and you aren’t certain either, adoption could be the right choice. You won’t know if this is right for you and your baby without thinking it through, and this is the place to get answers.

Reach out. We respond to texts, social media dm’s, and even telephone calls. You can share your story, your hopes, and your fears. We will connect you to one of our adoption coordinators who will be your sounding board and advocate. This coordinator can come meet with you in person, if you would like. Or she can be available however you would like to connect.

There is no pressure here. No judgments.

If you feel that it’s too soon to connect with a coordinator, we can simply send you a confidential packet. The packet includes information about the process as well as biographies of families who are available and looking to adopt. You have control in this adoption process. We do want you to know your rights and responsibilities throughout the process.

Your coordinator will help explain things like:

  • How open adoption works;
  • How to choose a family;
  • Survival living expenses;
  • Counseling services;
  • What to expect legally.

Relationship building is the key ingredient to modern open adoption, and your coordinator is your go-to person to start that relationship.

Choosing a family through ASC

We would love for you to consider choosing one of our families, because we are confident that they are ready to love your child and embrace you too! Whether you discover a potential family on our Featured Families page or in the packet from the coordinator, these families are ready to talk or meet in person.

All of our families are only available to you after they have passed a thorough home study that includes five criminal history checks, financial screens, substance abuse screening, health physicals, and many referrals.

Finding a family on your own

Because you control your adoption, you can also look at a “private adoption experience” using the services of just an attorney. You may find or have already found a family on your own through social media or from someone who knows someone wanting to adopt. You may just be looking for temporary help, like foster care, but it still doesn’t hurt to ask questions. If you don’t know what you want, that’s okay too! We can walk you through the overwhelming parts.

Know your rights!

If you choose adoption as an option, we encourage you to speak up and ask for what you need. We believe knowing what to expect, finding a family who shares your values, and who cares about you can give you the confidence to know that your child will be safe and loved. Many families express an interest in adoption, but see past bringing home the baby. They are not prepared or educated for a modern adoption. Click here to learn more about your rights under Indiana law.