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ASC is proud to partner with these families who are ready to become adoptive parents. All ASC families have completed extensive criminal background checks, been screened for substance use disorders, have demonstrated financial stability, and have excellent references. More importantly, all ASC families understand the importance of open adoption in the life of the child they hope to adopt and want to show respect and love towards their child’s birth family. More than just “home study approved,” these families have qualifications beyond what the State of Indiana requires in adoptive families.

Most ASC families are willing to adopt a child whose race or ethnic background is different than their own. Their training and education has gone beyond the minimum qualifications that ASC provides all partner families. Look for the orange, green, and blue dots to identify families with that qualification,

Contact us today and talk with a coordinator about your specific story.

– Couple seeking Caucasian, Hispanic, Native American, or any blend of these ethnic groups.

– Couple seeking a full Black child.

– Couple seeking a Biracial child.

Brad & Eva

We know first hand that we don’t need blood ties to love our children so the concept of adoption has always been present in our minds. Having already been through one adoption, we appreciate and respect you for your sacrifice more than words can ever say. We are a fun loving couple who love to travel, go to German festivals, concerts, sporting events, and just spend time with our friends and family. As family and parental presence is very important to both of us your child will have a “stay at home mum”. Education is equally important to us and a college fund will be available when the time comes. We look forward to texting and mailing updates as well as 4-6 visits a year. Click out our profile below to see where life has taken us so far!


Mike & Katie

Our saying since we were dating has always been, “Good work team!” and we would love to welcome you to our team. There isn’t a day that goes by that we are not joking and laughing with each other and enjoying married life. We are ready to become a family instead of a couple. Your child would be surrounded with lots of love from our family and friends. We would love to include you in our lives with up to 12 visits a year, (depending on location FaceTime/Skype will be considered). We are happy to share letters and pictures as the child grows up. Please know our prayers are with you as you consider choosing adoption for your baby. We can’t wait to meet you!


Jason & Kate

We built our forever home after we married in 2008. After our son Cooper arrived, our lives were forever changed. Our home is filled with love and laughter. We think our greatest responsibility as parents is for our children to know that they are loved by us, and to know the importance of a family foundation. We love being outdoor hiking trails, swimming, and anything else we can do as a family. We would love to keep in touch with you so our child can know where they came from and how much love their birth mother has for them. We would also like to see you 3 times a year to catch up. Please know we are thinking and praying for you


Jordan & Shelbi

Our family is built on faith, love, hope, and lots of laughter. We have created this beautiful life together, surrounded by people we love and who love us. We believe this child was brought into the world by God for a special reason. It is not lost on us how much you love your child and want the very best for them. If you choose us to walk with you through this we want our journey to continue, visiting each other 4 times a year. We can share Saturdays and pizzas together! We value diversity and it’s not lost on us the challenge and joy that raising an African American baby will be. We hope that you can share your thoughts on this. With love and tons of gratitude!


Bob & Michelle

We are both teachers and enjoy the school breaks during the year. The breaks are even more special with Daniel. We adopted Daniel through ASC and had no idea that we not only got a son, but his birth family as well! We realize that our happiest moment of becoming parents was Daniel’s birth mom’s saddest moment. This is not lost on us. Children are so important in our everyday lives. We truly enjoy mentoring and watching the students we teach learn and grown. We enjoy Daniel’s birth family and see them 6 times a year! We would love for our second child to have this opportunity as well, but would love to hear your thoughts. As you are looking for the perfect family for your baby, we will pray for your peace.


Norb & Amy


We live each day like it’s a gift and we truly make the most of each one. Laughter is part of our daily lives and not a day goes by that we aren’t giggling at ourselves. Our relationship, together as spouses and with our family, is our priority. Our love for Luke’s biological family is very important to us as well. Luke has birth siblings, also placed through ASC, and we have gotten to know them as well as Luke’s biological grandma. All of these people have a connection to us and we value them and want Luke to know his story. We cannot wait to welcome another birth family and see how our family grows. We would love to get together with you 4 times a year, giving you the opportunity to share birthday celebrations, play dates at the park, and even trips to a zoo. Whether or not you select us, know we will be praying for you.


Chris & Marla

Our journey to parenthood started in 2004. Our two boys are blessings received through adoption. We have so much respect for the birth mothers of our sons. We remain in communication with one of our birth moms, which has been a gift. We don’t feel our family is complete and are excited to begin another adoption adventure. We have been married for 16 years and our relationship is based on faith, respect, and love. We enjoy being together as a family exploring and going on adventures around the city of Indianapolis. We would welcome getting together 4 times a year. The four of us are so excited to welcome another child into our family. Thanks for considering us!


Ian & Marci

Family is everything to us. We love life and all the adventures it has to offer. We love to hike and explore new places, and travel to England once a year to visit Ian’s family. We are excited about the prospect of becoming parents and have no doubt that we will provide a loving, nurturing, and supportive home. For years, it has been our greatest wish to be able to give our love to a child, raising him or her with the strong Christian values we both share. We want our child to know their origins, to understand that they were wanted and adored by all of us. We promise that, if you choose us, your child will always know you. We are open to 4 visits a year to continue to know you. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have for us!


Mike & Kathy

We are high school sweethearts and love to cook and travel to new places together. Recently we have seen Japan, Norway, Spain, and the Dominican Republic. Our child’s education is top priority to us. Mike is a professor and Kathy’s students describe her in one word, as “happy”. Although, we know there will be challenges with adopting outside of our race, we are excited about the opportunity. We would like an open adoption, we hope to see you in person 3 times a year to share our lives together. Please know that you are in our prayers and we wish the best for you always! Click below to read more.


Scott & Jessie

We cannot wait to adopt again. We lovingly speak of Josie’s birthmom daily and we are excited to be on this journey again. Both of our parents have been married for over 40 years and we are all very close. Our 13 years of marriage have been full of laughter and fun! We would love to see you 4 times a year after placement and celebrate life together. We pray that you find peace in your choice. Click below to read how amazing Josie is!


Matt & Michelle

We began as teammates on a childhood swim team and later became teammates for life. We still enjoy the water and get our boat out often. We love to travel and do concerts, camping and dinner dates. We are happily married and cannot wait to share this life with a child. We would enjoy seeing you 4 times a year after the adoption. Click below to read more.


Jason & Carrie

Jason was placed for adoption into a loving family when he was an infant, so adoption is not new for his family. We were introduced to one another by family members and ten years later Jason is still sitting around listening to Carrie gab! We love remodeling our historic home and enjoy take-out pizza together. We believe all children are a blessing from God and, no matter what race your baby is, we are ready to pass-on our love! We can’t wait to meet the woman who chooses us to raise her precious baby. We envision staying in touch and seeing each other 4 times a year. Click below to read more!


Scott & Julie

“We are beyond excited to start our family through adoption.  We met and married later in life and believe that it was worth the wait!  What I love about Scott is is gentle personality.  We both have a zest for life and cannot wait to incorporate a child into our family.  Traveling is high on our list of favorite things and going to sporting events such as the Indy Fuel!  We would love for our child to know the people that gave them life.  We want them to know their story. Being a parent isn’t about blood, it’s about love and resources!  Getting together with you 4 times a year would enable us to stay connected.  Click below to learn more about our church and amazing neighborhood!”


Justin & Cathy

We pray for our children’s birth families every night and they love to hear their adoption stories.  We’ve always wanted a big family and we are a faith-filled, joyful and fun loving family. Our weekends entail the local library and farmers market.  Sunday means it’s Justin’s famous pancakes in our 100 year old home.  We live in a very diverse area of the city and Cathy enjoys mentoring and getting advice from the African American moms on the block.  If we are lucky enough to raise your baby, we are happy to include you in our lives and get together with you 4 times a year to stay connected.  Click below to read how we bought two houses next to each other and connected them together!

Phil & Sarah

“As you walk this journey we want you to know that we are here to walk beside you.  We are overjoyed to grow our family through adoption and have a little one to share our love with.  One of Sarah’s favorite things is to give Phil home projects to build from ideas she has found on Pinterest.  Since being married we have traveled to 6 different countries, however there is nothing like home!  Adoption is our first choice to start our family and we cannot wait to see what God has in store for us.  We want to continue our relationship with you after the pregnancy, including 6 visits a year.  Click below to read more about our interests and how we met!”


Lauren & Brian

We are Lauren and Brian and we love being parents!  We along with our 3-year old daughter, Beverly dream about our future where we grow our family thru adoption.  We look forward to welcoming a child of any race into our home and hearts.  We are a very active family, we ride bikes, go for runs, attend concerts and we love to travel.  We are happiest when we are all three together.    We would like to visit with you 4 times a year to stay connected.  Click below to read about our journey to get to adoption.  

Bill & Amber

We would love to experience the exciting and everyday adventures with a child.  When we aren’t traveling we can be found in our hammock, or riding our bikes to a nearby, neighborhood dinner.  We enjoy walking our dogs to the park ad playing fetch in the evenings.  Bill enjoys coaching elementary basketball and fly fishing.   Amber enjoys golf and playing guitar.  We can’t wait for your child and you to become part of our family.  We envision visiting you 12 times a year.  6 in person and 6 via video calling.  Click below to see how we met!



Andy & Jess

We know you are making a truly difficult decision and for that we thank you for considering us.  We are so excited to bring a child into our lives and to be a part of our adventures.  We both loves sports and vacations together and can’t wait to make memories with a child.  It is our hope to keep in touch through the years with you.  We would like to meet 4 times a year to visit in person.  Click below to see how we met-we believe it was fate!



Ben & Marilyn

I have 8 adopted siblings and I know first hand the importance of birth families.  For you to entrust someone else to raise your child requires incredible bravery, strength and honesty but above all, love. We are excited to be parents and have so much love to give.  We are open to visiting 12 times a year with you and you will always have a place in our hearts. Click below to find out more!


Chris & Jessica

With our whole heart, thank you for considering us.  A grand new adventure is about to start, and we cannot wait! We PROMISE your little one will always know of your love and they will know what a selfless, loving decision you made for their future.  We anticipate our relationship with you to revolve around photos and video chatting as much as possible.  As we live in northern Indiana, we would welcome 6-8 physical visits a year.  We are open to you coming to us too, if you live further south we can still do 4-5.  We are open to making this plan work for both our families!  Click below to see our piece of paradise!