Birth Mom Stories

Birth Moms have always been at the heart of Adoption Support Center’s mission of caring and respect. Recently, we invited birthmothers to come and talk about their adoption journey and the decisions they made along the way in creating their adoption plans. We invite you to take a moment and listen to their stories.

Click on a birth mom’s “My Story” link to view her video and hear her story.


Kimberly is in her mid-20s. At the time of this taping, she is still 7½ months pregnant. She is a hard-working single mom, who is also attending college full-time. Her pending family attends doctor appointments, meets for lunch and emails often. This will be a semi-open adoption. Kim previously placed a son for adoption with ASC. Both adoptive families plan to be in contact so the children will have the potential for an ongoing relationship.

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Dominque is in her early 20s and living with her very supportive brother. The birth father was uninvolved. She placed her daughter with a white family. Dominque and her brother both enjoy visits and a continued relationship. She is entering the Job Corps to continue her education.

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Sarah is in her early 20s. At the taping of her segment, she was still 8 months pregnant. She is a single mom of one. The birth father has been notified of a pending adoption. During her pregnancy, her relationship with the adoptive family included doctor appointments, lunches and making plans for their semi-open adoption. She has enrolled in cosmetology school and delivered just three days after the taping!

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Chelsea is an honor-roll high school student living on her own. Her mother has long been out the picture, and her father is in the Army. She is very independent and has had the full support and participation of the birth father. Chelsea chose an open adoption for her son. Her plans include attending college upon graduation.

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Allana is in her early 20s. A college student on a sports scholarship, she and the birthfather planned the adoption together. They both told their families of the placement of their daughter after her first birthday. She has an open adoption with a white family. Allana worked as the Minority Outreach Coordinator at ASC for 4 years.

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Jessica is in her early 20s. She is a single mom with 2 children. Jessica was not employed during pregnancy, but continued her education soon after and found employment. Jessica placed her biracial daughter with a white family.

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Meghan is in her late teens and just out of high school. She lives with her mom and is working part-time. Meghan knew from the beginning of her pregnancy that she wanted an adoption plan and was very specific. She chose an open adoption for her daughter. They meet often, talk daily and recently celebrated her first birthday together.

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Jocelyn is in her early 20s. The birth father wanted her to parent the baby, but she was a single mom living with her parents. Jocelyn worked with the attorney to ensure her adoption plan was honored, in spite of the birth father’s verbal objections. She chose a semi-open adoption for her son.

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