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From birth moms to their adoptive families…

“I am in a really good place with my adoption. It has not always been easy, but his parents are supportive and caring… and I love them all so much.”


“They were a lot like my parents. I liked them because they were stable, had a son, and had a lot of close, extended family.”


“The parents are amazing. They are totally involved with me and my other kids. They were so helpful during the whole process. WhenI saw their picture and read their ‘About Me’ I just knew they were the ones.”


“I connected with them from the very first meeting.”


From birth moms to Adoption Support Center staff…

“Alli is awesome! I would recommend her to anyone considering adoption. She was an awesome coordinator, and a great friend.”


“I absolutely love my coordinator. She made me feel so comfortable and helped me through my feelings – before and after.”


“I loved my coordinator! She encouraged me to go with my heart. Adoption Support Center always gave me 100% and never judged me.”


“Amanda is amazing and we continue to be in contact with one another… 11 years later.”


“I did not place my son through ASC, but I found them later through a support group in South Bend. I was never offered any kind of support. They embraced me as if I was one of their own birth moms, and I have felt the love from them ever since.”


“Leah has been an amazing coordinator. I was so thankful that she was my coordinator because our stories are so similar.”


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