support for the client considering adoption

Adoption can be a difficult topic, and overwhelming!

There are so many options to consider. Our agency is happy to educate you and support your client as she considers adoption. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • First, assure her there is NO pressure. You want her to know her options; what is legal in our state; and that she can find support during her consideration. 
  • Your client can call late or early in the pregnancy. Each birth mom gets assigned a coordinator for support and to be there for each step of the adoption and long after. She can even call us after her baby is born. It is never too late to consider adoption. 
  • You can call the agency for your client and give us her number. Pass out any of the printable flyers for her to have and reach out. She can call/text or email us for a packet of information. 
  • We come to her. No need for her to travel to our agency. We like to meet in person so we can address her fears and any questions she has about the process. 
  • If she is not married, she does not have to involve the birth father. (Feel free to call with any question for a specific scenario). 
  • She can choose her ideal adoptive family and meet with them throughout her pregnancy. She can choose to have a relationship with them after placement. Go to our FEATURED FAMILY page and see all the well-screened, hopeful, Indiana families that are waiting to be chosen! 
  • Indiana allows Birth Mother Living Expenses. Present law states that she can receive $4,000 maximum. 
  • ASC offers SUPPORT GROUPS for our birth moms after placement throughout the state. We are always here to support her, long after her adoption.
  • Amanda is available to provide an adoption in-service to your staff to educate on state law, trends in adoption, birth mother living expenses, services for birth mothers, and general adoption information. If interested, please complete our Contact Form online and we will respond with a phone call or email  to give potential dates.
  1. Birth Mom Testimonies

    Personal stories of 3 birthmoms that chose adoption and placed through Adoption Support Center.

  2. Expectant Mom Frequently Asked Questions

    Use this as a tool to open up the conversation about adoption.

  3. Tear-Off FlyerA flyer to print off and hang in places like bathrooms, lobbies, and other places around your office. Sometimes women are interested in learning about adoption, but too shy or embarrassed to ask.
  4. The ASC Tri-fold Brochure

    A tool to print off and put in positive pregnancy packets, to have set out around your office to show the client that you are pro-adoption and available to talk about this option.

  5. Nathan Leach Adoption Attorney

    Nate’s brochure is helpful for those considering a private adoption and only need an attorney or for those wanting more information on our recommended attorney.