Kid Counseling

Adoption Support Center offers one-hour weekly or biweekly counseling sessions for adoptees and their families.

In our calm, nurturing environment, “Kid Counseling” might include play therapy, behavioral therapy, adoption-related therapy, bonding and attachment therapy and/or individual and family therapy. Whether your family came to-be through adoption recently or years ago, as a Kinship adoption or from a remarkable birth mother, whether you are a step-parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sister or brother, we can help.

Kinship adoptions hold a special place in our heart as the owner and her husband adopted their 8-year old grandson after being guardians of him for a year. Family and individual counseling was invaluable in creating a smooth and stable transition for her family.

Counseling is provided by Diane Stiles, LCSW and Clinical Director at ASC and an adoptive parent herself.

“Kid Counseling” has an additional fee. However, receipts and coding are provided for insurance filing.

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