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for over 3 Decades

Julie and her husband, like most adoptive parents, experienced infertility and looked to adoption to become parents. Julie had experienced miscarriage after miscarriage and then finally gave birth to her daughter, Lindsey. Once Lindsey was school-aged Julie was ready to have another child. However, she was not ready to go through the losses again. So she started looking into adoption. She choose a private adoption, with a small town attorney, and was able to secured a quick home study. It was a short process, a social worker came into their home and made sure it was safe and adequately furnished for a second child. It wasn’t long before word got out that she and her husband were searching for a baby to adopt. Lauren was born on New Years Eve in 1984. Julie picked her daughter Lauren up at the attorney’s office, but was not given anything to help raise Lauren and answer the questions they just knew she would one day have.

At this time, Julie was working for Jim Davis at “Paws”, you may be familiar with this name, as he is the creator of Garfield. This was when Garfield was huge, and Julie knew she was leaving behind her a safe, secure job. But she gathered her resources, followed her heart and started the Adoption Support Center, Inc. The Center is based on all things Julie wished she had in her adoption experience. Things like: having adoption education, a home study that prepared her for the process of the adoption, support through the process of paperwork and meeting Lauren’s birth family, being in the hospital when she as born, sharing pictures, updates over the years, visiting with the birth family, and giving Lauren all of her answers. Julie was ahead of her time. No one was really doing any of this in 1988. Julie soon grew out of the garage office and secured a little house in the village of Broad Ripple. This is still the current home of the agency. It has gone from a little grey cottage to a blue house with a ton of stories and lots of tears, some happy and joyous, some grief-filled and sad.

When Lauren was 15, she wanted to meet her birth family. So Julie made a couple of phone calls and quickly found her birth mom’s phone number. Julie got the call when she was at her desk at ASC from Lauren’s birth mom. It was the beginning of a beautiful reunion. It was not perfect, but it was perfectly fine. Lauren got to meet her siblings and even her birth father. Julie got to thank her for giving her the privilege of raising Lauren. It wasn’t long after this her birth mother passed away. Lauren was forever grateful that she did not have to wait until she was 21 to find her answers, as her birth mom would have been gone.

It is for these reasons that the Adoption Support Center has been and will continue to be a place where we advocate, support and guide adoptive parents, birth families, and adoptees through the adoption journey. No one should be alone like Julie and her husband were, or like Lauren’s birth mother was. We are here for the hard parts, the sad parts, the joy and all in-between.

We truly believe every adoptive family will be placed with the child they were meant to raise. We also believe that it’s not just our job to make sure that adoptive families will be good parents. It’s our job at ASC to make sure they will be great adoptive parents… which means honoring, respecting, and caring for their adoptee’s birth family.

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