Expectant Moms

where you are in charge

What caused you to consider help with your pregnancy?

Job loss? Relationship issues? Family problems? Foster care?


The Adoption Support Center (ASC) is a safe, friendly place where expectant moms can open up about what is “weighing on them” during their pregnancy. Most expectant moms just want to find a way out of their current situation. We hear it every day at ASC. We’re here to tell you, You’re not alone.

Adoption can be a solution that provides you relief and a fresh start. It can help you feel better about yourself by giving you control again. You can finally dream of a better life…of security and stability.

Do you fear what everyone will think of you? What your child will think of you? Of course you do. Every birth mother does. We know our adoptive families will always speak of you with love, respect and affection. Through them, you can still be a part of your child’s world, if you want, with pictures, letters, visits or even open adoption. It all leads to a safe and happy future for you and your child.

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