Options for Adoption

From your first phone call to Adoption Support Center, you should feel our difference. But there is more to our agency than just optimism! Our services make the possibility of adoption available to every interested family. 

We invite you to attend an Informational Seminar to learn more about our agency!

Adoption Support Center Program


  • We find expectant moms via education and outreach programs, social media marketing and online advertising. We also network and have over 30 years of professional relationships throughout the state of Indiana.
  • We answer calls/texts/emails/ from expectant mothers 24-hours-a-day, 365 days a year.
  • Most adoptive families and expectant moms reside in Indiana.
  • The average placement time for an infant is 9-10 months — our goal is a one-year placement.
  • You can select your preferences on race, age, prematurity, sibling group, and health that best fit your family.
  • Well suited for families from 25-40 years of age. Individuals over 40 may take a little longer to be placed.
  • Our expectant moms are offered adoption coordination and support, before, during, and after her placement.
  • You will more than likely meet an expectant mom during her pregnancy. An adoption coordinator will be present at the first meeting, helping to navigate and support both parties.
  • Expectant mom living expenses and budgeting are arranged through the agency.
  • Federal Adoption Tax Credit is $13,570.
  • ASC home studies are educational and non-judgmental.


    The Personal Match Program

    An option for the family who wants to market themselves and bring their own expectant mom to ASC for a supported adoption. This still gives you the comfort, insulation and support of a licensed adoption agency.

    • You market yourselves through social media, family, friends, etc to find your own expectant mom. (You will not appear on our web site as a featured family and you will not receive referrals from ASC for expectant moms.)
    • The expectant moms first phone call usually starts with you, the adoptive family. The agency is then asked to reach out to her. You could also ask your expectant mom lead to call ASC first, on your behalf and get information about your family profile. Whatever she is more comfortable with works just fine.
    • Expectant moms in this program are not limited to the state of Indiana. They can be from anywhere in the US.
    • This plan has no limitations and is well-suited for all families.
    • Your expectant mom is offered adoption coordination and support, before, during, and after her placement.
    • With agency support, you will have a well-developed relationship plan. You and your expectant mom will determine how open the adoption will be, and how often you will visit and share update packages, texts, emails etc. You can still choose to use ASC as a liaison.
    • Expectant mom living expenses are arranged and budgeted through the agency.
    • The Federal Adoption Tax Credit is $13,570.
    • Your home study for the Personal Match Program must be done by ASC. It is educational and non-judgmental.

    Out-of-State Couples – If you live outside the state of Indiana, you need to know a former ASC couple as a referral. You will need to procure a home study in your state of residence.

    Re-Applying Couples – If you are re-applying with ASC (and, 85% of our families do), welcome back!

    Financing – The Federal Adoption Tax Credit has been signed and made permanent as of 2013. The amount is now $13,570 for families with a combined gross income of up to $203,540. Between $203,540 and $243,540 it slowly depletes itself until those who reach $243,540 no longer qualify. In addition, beginning in 2015, Indiana has implemented a State Adoption Tax Credit of $1000.

    So, where do you start?

    Simply download and complete our Adoption Intake Form (PDF) and fax/email/mail it to our office. We will review it and invite you to one of our seminars. The session lasts about 3 hours and is on a Tuesday. We will cover the ASC Programs, describing what you and your expectant mother might experience at our Center. You will leave knowing wait times, costs, risk factors, how we get health information for expectant moms and babies, home study expectations and more. We know of your concerns and we cover them in great detail. There will be time for Q&A at the end.

    We know there are many, many questions you need to ask. Hopefully, our Frequently Asked Questions addresses many of them. It is important that you feel a sense of trust and comfort with an adoption agency. You may never have such an important relationship with a resource again. Already, we hope you feel that our service, paperwork and enthusiasm are superior to other resources you have contacted. We want you to see adoption as the exciting adventure that it is. We want to fill you with optimism! Call or email us for information about the Seminar and start your journey. You could a parent in less than a year!

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