Frequently Asked Questions

Our Adoption Plans

Program 1: Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, Native American and Caucasian Blends
Program 2: Full or Biracial African American Children
Program 3: Your Personal Match Plan


Q. How long is your “list?”

A. Program 1 & 2 – We don’t have a list. We have an active file of adoptive families with ASC-approved home studies. We average 35-50 active families at any given time.

Program 3 – There is no list.  Families bring their own expectant mom to ASC for support and placement.

Q. How long is the wait?

A. Program 1 – We are proud of our time frames at the Center. Our goal is to create your family in 12 months. Nine-to-ten months is our average. Families, where one or both of you are over 40 yrs old &/or already have a child, may take longer.

Program 2 – Our goal is to create your family in 9 months. 0-6 months is our average.

Program 3 – We have no wait time stats for this program.

Q. What will an adoption cost me?

A. Program 1 – The range could be from $17,000 to $29,000 (after the Federal Tax Credit.) This includes everything: home study, medical and legal expenses, counseling and our agency fees.

Program 2 – Costs range for some minority and special needs adoption from $15,400 to $25,400 (after the Federal Tax Credit)

Program 3 – Marketing and Advertising and the Placement Fees are slashed drastically. Your costs could range from $3,400 to $14,000 (after the Federal Tax Credit.)

Q. Do we have to prove our infertility?

A. No. We do require that you to tell us if you become pregnant. We will work with you toward a program to ensure all children are appropriately spaced apart, as we do not believe in “artificial twinning” (placing two genetically unrelated babies together when they are less than nine months apart.) Interrupting the birth order is an exception to the norm — you are required to attend an office interview where we will discuss the concept at length. They are approved on a case-by-case, limited basis.

Q. Must we work with you exclusively?

A. Program 1 & 2 – Yes.

Q. Do you only place infants?

A. Program 1 & 2 – Primarily, yes. We still ask that you give us the age ranges you would consider with a child or sibling group. We occasionally place a toddler or sibling group and welcome families who will embrace those ages.

Program 3 – Up to the family and the type of adoption they bring to ASC.

Q. May I choose the gender of the child I adopt?

A. Program 1 & 2 – No. You are bonding with a special expectant mom and she is counting on you. She cannot predict the gender, and ultrasound results can be inconclusive or incorrect.

Program 3 – If your expectant mom agrees, you may limit your gender choice with her specifically.

Q. May I choose the race of the child I will adopt?

A. Program 1 – Yes, you may tell us if there is a particular full-race situation you would not consider. All of our couples are encouraged to embrace a child of ½ Hispanic, ½ Asian, or ½ American Indian heritage.

Program 2 – Yes, you may choose full or biracial African American children.

Program 3 – You will likely know the race of the baby the expectant mom is carrying. If not, you may choose to limit the race if your expectant mom is agreeable.

Q. Must I find my own Expectant Mom

A. Program 1 & 2 – No, we are contacted by expectant moms through our networking, outreach programs, and our on-line advertising.  We answer our phone for expectant moms 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year.

Program 3 – Yes.

Q. Will I get to meet the expectant mom?

A. Program 1 & 2 – More than likely, yes.  95% of our expectant moms will want to meet their first choice family during the pregnancy and form a relationship.

Program 3 – Again, more than likely yes, but you are both choosing the relationship and must agree.  We will honor what you both decide.

Q. What type of sharing is typical after placement?
Does the birth mom usually request updates and visits?

A. Program 1 & 2 – Yes, most expectant moms like to envision this relationship as growing over time.  After she places her baby, she enjoys getting updates from the family and looks forward to visits, FaceTime calls, and texts with pics.  We’ll advise you how often and what expectations are and support both parties.  As an adoptive family, you  choose your comfort level as well and we will match with the expectant mom with the same desires.

Most birth moms request visits after placement.  Most birth moms and families know each other on a first name basis only.  Some share last names, addresses, and handle their own update packages without using the agency as a liaison.  Some evolve to this over time.

Program 3 – No. You and your birth mother are choosing the relationship you would like to have together. We will honor what you both decide.

Q. Do you work with single parents who want to adopt?

A. Program 1 – No.

Program 2 – Yes. This is a fairly simple and quick route for you. You may specify whether you are hoping to adopt a full African American infant, biracial African American infant, or both.

Program 3 – Yes.

Q. How do we afford to adopt?

A. The Federal Tax Credit is $13,570. Ask your tax professional for details and check out the Financing page of our web site. We offer MasterCard, Visa and Discovery. You can absolutely set up an adoption loan with affordable monthly payments through several resources.

Q. How do we get started?

A. Send in the intake sheet or call/email the agency with questions.  You could be parents in less than a year!

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