Adoptive Families

Post-Placement Class

Adoption Support Center rolled out the first post-placement class in February 2018, and it has turned out to be one of the most popular education pieces that we offer. After placement, you and your baby come back to ASC in Indianapolis and sit in on a class that focuses on you and other families’ specific adoption needs. We discuss everything from talking to your child about adoption, to figuring out your open adoption relationship with your child’s birth family.

This class is less of a lecture, and more of a discussion. We want you to come back to our little blue house and learn how to continue the open adoption relationship in a healthy way that benefits your little one for life. As always, we encourage honesty and candidness with one another. There will be anywhere from 3-5 adoptive families in Post-Placement class at one time, which also encourages you to build your community with families that are going through similar experiences.

As of 2018, all ASC families are required to take this class before finalization. If you are an ASC family that placed before 2018 and you are interested in attending, give us a call!

We’re Always Here!

Need help with your open adoption? Need help answering your child’s questions or explaining concepts to them? Whether it’s one week later or 18 years later, call us and we can help you navigate this adoption. Please don’t hesitate to call us with your questions. We are the Adoption Support Center for a reason, and we want to help your family continue on a nurturing path.

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